When it comes from your heart, you'll wear it well.


I am your fun, style, beauty, arts, humankind, life loving person. I am here with an upbeat, nurturing and positive energy to help you discover and develop your personal style sense, which I call "inner classic". I am a Licensed, Published Cosmetologist in MA and NH, a  Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Certified Personal Image Stylist. Additionally, I have been in the arts and entertainment fields for nearly three decades providing art, design, styling, event planning and concierge services to people of all walks of life.   Atop my "list of joys" is you feeling like your best self.  That, and waving my paint, makeup, hair, or lint brushes around as if they are magic wands.  You and your consideration in utilizing my inner and outer beauty and style services are appreciated.   

the "g" line

This is my professional, namesake high definition, high performing makeup and skincare brand.  You may enjoy its light weight, beautiful, long wearing coverage.  This made in the USA*, only ever tested on humans, all recyclable packaging, hydrating, professional stage and set makeup has found its way on to faces of many. From the catwalk to the sidewalk, to unique sets of television and film productions alike, my "g line" translates with flying colors!  

*Excluding Pencils

Clients and Works

MA Sports & Film Commission

Sports Illustrated On-line, 

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2007-2008 Season

2X Emmy Award winning Photo Journalist Michael Franzini's "100 Young Americans"

Merrimack Valley Magazine

Applaud Women Magazine

Boston Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Africa Fashion Week

Haiti Fashion Week

Joico Hair Shows

Bridal Expos

Prajje Couture 1983

Shaco Couture.  

2X Emmy Award winning Photo Journalist, ABC's 20/20, Jay Schadler Boston's News Anchor, Maria Stephanos

Miss New England Perfect 2012, and Miss Massachusetts United States 2014, Cyndal Todd

TLC'S "Four Weddings"

Royal Caribbean

Eastern Dance Sport

International Natural Bodybuilding Association

Forbes U30 Summit, 2018, Boston