When it comes from your heart, you'll wear it well.


 It's for every body, and it's something that every body owns.  


 As with "style", when it comes from within, you won't be without



That's me!   I am your fun, style, beauty, arts, humankind, life loving person. I am here with an upbeat, nurturing and positive energy to help you discover and develop your personal style sense, which I call "inner classic". I am a Licensed, Published Cosmetologist in MA and NH, a  Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Certified Personal Image Stylist. Additionally, I have been in the arts and entertainment fields for nearly three decades providing art, design, styling, event planning and concierge services to people of all walks of life.   Atop my "list of joys" you feeling like your best self.  That, and waving my paint, makeup, hair, or lint brushes around as if they are magic wands.  You and your consideration in utilizing my inner and outer beauty and style services are appreciated